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Blurred Together 7
A stream of natural light penetrated the murky room illuminating the area for the first time in years. The sound of the curtain was the only noise around her causing a small knot to form in her stomach. The empath let out a shallow sigh as she moved on to her books, their leather bounds long forgotten to her. She allowed her fingers to trace their spines, feeling the engraved letters under her skin. Spells, stories, notes, everything that one witch could wish for available to her and yet she couldn’t bring herself to pull one from its perch. Theses pieces of history were no longer hers, left behind by a frightened girl with no sense of self.
Starfire had been right, her room looked like it had never been touched. Her breakable knick knacks still sat in their rightful place, caked in a thick layer of dust, their long forgotten meaning hiding behind the wall she had put up five years ago. Her bed was even still made, undoubtedly in the hopes of her speedy return.
What a mess.
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Steampunk Passion by Jumeria-Nox Steampunk Passion :iconjumeria-nox:Jumeria-Nox 631 33
TT: The Future is Now pg 5
Raven didn’t know what to say. There was so little time to take in so much information. Marriage, Kids, and now a date for tomorrow that would affect their entire future that they were visiting right now!?
“Beastboy you don’t need to do this just because you saw this picture.” she said, hoping this answer didn’t hurt him too much. Her voice was gentle and calming. Beastboy heard the tone of her voice and was assuming that she was going to say no but didn’t want to be brutal about it. Now was the time. He had been practicing this in the mirror almost every night he was in love with Raven. He was going to tell her….the truth.
“Raven no. Forget the picture, forget the date forget the future. This is about you and me, right here right now. It doesn’t matter if we were in our own time or not okay. I love you.”
Raven had been half-expecting to hear these words but she had not been expecting the sudden rush of feelings she was getting. She was
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Powerpuff Girls by MeTaa Powerpuff Girls :iconmetaa:MeTaa 327 12
Fight or Flight XXII
Raven walked quickly through the Ops room at Titans East. Tears stained her face as she tried to act as casual as she could, she didn't want to be stopped and questioned. Her heart felt as if someone had ripped it right out of her chest, now all that was left was a gaping whole for everyone to see.
No matter what her feelings were telling her, she knew what she had saw. Beast Boy had made it clear what his intentions were, he only wanted her for one thing and now that her stupid self had given it to him he has already moved on. Her brain was yelling at her for being so stupid, she should have never allowed herself to be so vulnerable, she should have never done what she had done.
She walked past Robin and Starfire but tried to avoid being seen. However there was no getting past her friends without an exchange of words. "Friend Raven are you enjoying your party?" Starfire's asked as she walked by. Raven flinched, but didn't slow down.
"Yeah it's great." she replied sarcastically as she
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Fight or Flight I
Raven sat atop a roof top in Jump City, it was late so not many people were out. She could feel the cool breeze make its way through her long hair. It it had not been mid July she would have brought a jacket. She sighed taking in the beauty of the night.
"Geez how long is this going to take, I'm bored!" Raven rolled her eyes and look over to where the changeling was pacing. He had grown so much in the past year since defeating Brother Blood. Now standing just at six feet, he towered over her. He had finally grown out of his childish figure, and was looking more like a man with every passing day. If only he could act more mature.
"Calm down. This is a stake out mission. We will be here for awhile." She said with a tone of aggravation in her voice. They were to suppose to spy on a major hang out for drug trafficking. Although not much, there was a door way in the ally that lead in to a large warehouse, that no doubt held a large amount of drugs. Robin had made it clear that this was just
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BBrae wink2Animation2 by B-E-F-F BBrae wink2Animation2 :iconb-e-f-f:B-E-F-F 45 4 Random by Kalyn-Koala77 Random :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 3 0 A girl by Kalyn-Koala77 A girl :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 2 0 Cats by Kalyn-Koala77 Cats :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 3 0 Cat by Kalyn-Koala77 Cat :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 2 0 When you try to draw yourself by Kalyn-Koala77 When you try to draw yourself :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 4 0 Random by Kalyn-Koala77 Random :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 2 0 Bbrae Sketch Dump 6 by shock777 Bbrae Sketch Dump 6 :iconshock777:shock777 475 52 Me (Redraw) by Kalyn-Koala77 Me (Redraw) :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 2 0 Symmetra by Kalyn-Koala77 Symmetra :iconkalyn-koala77:Kalyn-Koala77 1 0


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